3 Tips for a Smooth Transition into Supported Accommodation

3 Tips for a Smooth Transition into Supported Accommodation

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To facilitate your transition into supported accommodation with easy-to-follow tips.

Introduction to tips for smooth transition into supported accommodation.

Are you getting ready to move away from home and into supported accommodation (NDIS)? Congratulations! This is an amazing milestone you’ve worked so hard to reach. You’ve probably already started getting ready for your move by sorting and packing your belongings. However, preparing yourself for such a big life change requires so much more than that. Luckily, there are many other techniques you can use to ensure that your move is as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Want to implement some of these strategies yourself? With the help of this post, it’s as easy as 1,2,3! Let’s take a look at our top three tips for a smooth transition into supported accommodation.

  1. Practise in advance – Start developing independence before the move. (practise making meals, washing clothes, performing independent tasks before moving into the supported home)
  2. Get familiar with your new suburb
  3. Seek out mental health support 

1. Start Developing Independence Before the Move

Moving into supported accommodation is a wonderful first step in growing your independence, which is a core NDIS goal. But that doesn’t mean you need to wait until you move to live more independently. In fact, it’s actually best to start developing these skills before you move. 

While you’re still living at home, practise some tasks that you’ll need to complete for yourself once you move out. For example, try cooking yourself a few meals, washing dishes, or doing a few loads of laundry. Practising these activities in a safe space allows you to gain confidence. That sense of self-assurance is something you’ll carry with you into your new supported accommodation.

2. Get to Know Your New Suburb

When you move into supported accommodation, it’s important to get familiar with your new surroundings. Your new neighbourhood is your new home; you deserve to feel comfortable there!

So, to make sure you do, do your research on your new suburb. Online research is a great starting point. Begin by looking up local grocery stores, restaurants, and chemists near your new home. Try exploring the public transit system. Search nearby bus stops, train stations, and transport routes. If you want to go one step further, visit your suburb in person! Something as simple as a quick walk can help you feel more at ease in the area. 

Don’t feel comfortable going on your own? No problem! Ask a member of your family, a close friend, or a support worker to go with you. Your support system is there to do exactly that: support you! So, don’t be afraid to lean on them when you need to. 

3. Seek Out Mental Health Support

Moving away from home can bring up some complex emotions. You might be feeling anxious or stressed about all the changes coming your way. These feelings are completely valid and normal. That said, they can prevent you from enjoying this exciting next step as much as you should. 

One way to get back on track is to speak to a mental health professional. By talking to a trained counsellor, you can work through your emotions and get back on track. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your move into supported accommodation. 

These individual counselling sessions may also be covered under your NDIS plan. Be sure to double-check your plan to make the most of it. For more information on the NDIS and mental health, click here.

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If you’ve never considered supported accommodation, now is the perfect time to start thinking about it. In supported accommodation, NDIS participants can change their lives. Over time, they become more independent, confident, and skilled in everyday life. You can too with the help of MMT Care.

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